Sustainable supply chain management [ENG]

Titolo: Sustainable supply chain management
CFU: 6
Dipartimento: Economia (Management e Diritto)
Docente: Andrea Appolloni
Lingua: inglese

Descrizione [ENG]: sustainability is fast emerging as a major strategic consideration for business leaders.  Organisations are increasingly under scrutiny from a range of stakeholders, including, customers, investors, legislators, governments and pressure groups regarding the impact their operations are having on the wider environment and society.  Issues such as global warming, depletion of natural reserves, waste management, emerging producer responsibility legislation, air transport, corporate social responsibility reporting are just a few examples of the complex nature of the area.
This course is designed to introduce students to the subject of sustainability from a supply chain perspective.  Specifically, the objectives of the course are to provide students with:
• Understanding and critical awareness surrounding the concepts of sustainability
• Understanding and critical awareness of the sustainable supply chains and sustaina-ble suppliers
• Comprehensive understanding of the role of green and reverse logistics
• Conceptual understanding of emerging supply chain sustainability models with re-spect to global and multitier supply chains
• Ability to evaluate and appraise emerging supply chain sustainability models and strategies

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