Titolo: Territorial management of sustainable tourism

CFU: 6

Tipologia: Insegnamento del Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Tourism Strategy, Cultural Heritage & Made in Italy

Dipartimento: Storia, Patrimonio culturale, Formazione e Società

Docenti: Prof. Mariusz Czepczynski

Descrizione: On territory, space and place. On power and land management. On sustainability and development. On tourism, travel, leisure and hospitality, and geographical imagination. On tourism stakeholders and conflicts. On narratives and (hi)stories. On economy of places and domination. On spatial semiotics and plays of meaning and social space making. On media and mediated tourism. On environment and unsustainable tourism challenges. On placemaking and design. On strategies of post-corona tourism and cultural landscape management. On environment and unsustainable tourism challenges.

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